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Hi I'm Stacy McAllister and this is my website which is entirely devoted to greenhouse plastics. Growing my own plants has been my favorite hobby all my life but as you know sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. When you invest in your own greenhouse, you actually allow your plants to have the ideal habitat to grow all year round. And plastic greenhouses are the best options of all provided you select the right type of plastic. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it answers all of your questions!

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Greenhouse Construction Materials and Tips

Greenhouses come in all sizes, styles and designs. When building a small greenhouse, you can probably just do the greenhouse construction yourself. But if your project is a bigger structure, it will probably be best to have a professional handle the greenhouse construction.

A small greenhouse construction is a cinch as long as you have had some background in construction. You just need to make a good foundation, build the frame on it and then cover the frame with the materials of your choosing. There are different kinds of materials available for your frame, walls and covering.

Greenhouse Construction Materials For The Foundation:
You can either use concrete or wood for your greenhouse foundation. Wood is more commonly used because it is cheap and easy to install. Wood is a very effective material for a foundation. You just have to remember that when building a wooden foundation, it must be square and level.

Greenhouse Construction Materials For The Frame:
The two most common materials for greenhouse construction framing are wood and metal. Both of these materials have their own pros and cons and it will be good to compare them before deciding which one to use.

Greenhouse Construction Materials For Covering:
There is a wider variety of greenhouse construction materials for the covering. Here are some examples:
1-Glass: The traditional material for the covering. Glass looks very decent and elegant but the downside to it is that it can break easily and is more costly.

2-Fiberglass: A light, strong and durable greenhouse construction material. Clear high grade fiberglass is the best choice if you want to use fiberglass for your covering.

3-Plastic: Plastic performs like glass does, but for a way lesser cost. There are a few kinds of plastic materials you can use, including polycarbonate, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride.

Here are some greenhouse construction tips you may want to consider when building your own greenhouse:
-Choose a site that would have access to sunlight for at least six hours daily during in summer and winter.

-When building the frame for your greenhouse, make sure to make the necessary allotments for fans and ventilation systems. Seal the vents around the covering material.

-Use heating insulation if necessary. Heat is essential for growing plants. Temperature that is too high, though, is not good for the plants, so on a very hot day, control the heat by opening up air vent panels.

-Foundation is very important for a greenhouse. Make sure the frame is well fastened to the ground.

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