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Hi I'm Stacy McAllister and this is my website which is entirely devoted to greenhouse plastics. Growing my own plants has been my favorite hobby all my life but as you know sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. When you invest in your own greenhouse, you actually allow your plants to have the ideal habitat to grow all year round. And plastic greenhouses are the best options of all provided you select the right type of plastic. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it answers all of your questions!

Greenhouse Windows: A Great Area To Showcase Your Plants!

Greenhouse windows, sometimes called garden windows, are a good addition for any home. If you have a green thumb or you just adore plants, greenhouse windows will be a nice solution for your indoor plants. Greenhouse windows allow you to showcase your plants and at the same time helps you keep a closer eye on them.

Why would you want to install garden windows in your home? People have different reasons why they like to have garden windows. Your reason might be one or more of the following:
-A full size greenhouse will be too large for your needs.
-To add an interesting feature in a room.
– You have a low budget, but you still want to have at least a small place to grow your plants.
-You have a small land area that has no room to grow plants outdoors.
-You want to have a growing space in a room above ground level.

The most common room in the house to build a greenhouse window is in the kitchen. It is here where many choose to install greenhouse windows because of its accessibility to water. If you already have kitchen windows installed, you can replace one with a greenhouse window or have a new opening made for one. An additional wider window in your kitchen would allow more natural light and also air to come in, saving you lighting costs during the day. Your greenhouse window does not have to be wide to accommodate more plants. You can also build a tall one instead of wide windows if you have limited space available.

Greenhouse windows can be made out of different materials including glass and clear polycarbonate. The frame of greenhouse windows can be aluminum, galvanized steel, or wood. Greenhouse windows can appear as if they are outside the wall, like a small hung lean-to greenhouse. Some other greenhouse windows can look just like a bay window. Greenhouse windows usually have double vents and sometimes even the top window can be opened. This allows good ventilation. Air will flow from outside in or inside out. Having greenhouse windows screened with screen mesh from the inside and on any openings is optional, but is also a good idea. You can also a shelf or two if you like more than one row of plants. Extra shelving allows you to showcase more plants.

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