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Hi I'm Stacy McAllister and this is my website which is entirely devoted to greenhouse plastics. Growing my own plants has been my favorite hobby all my life but as you know sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. When you invest in your own greenhouse, you actually allow your plants to have the ideal habitat to grow all year round. And plastic greenhouses are the best options of all provided you select the right type of plastic. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it answers all of your questions!

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Plastic Greenhouses

Glass greenhouses may be too costly for some, which is why a cheaper alternative was developed in the form of plastic greenhouses. Aside from being inexpensive, plastic greenhouses offer a lot more advantages. Modern plastic greenhouses might be the perfect solution for you and your garden. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic greenhouses you may want to consider before actually buying one for your garden.

Advantages of Plastic Greenhouses:
1-Plastic greenhouses are up to around 30% more energy efficient than glass.
2-Cladding for plastic greenhouses are easier to install compared to glass panels. Plastic film is easy to fit around the frame as well.
3-Glass easily breaks making plastic greenhouses a better preference if you want a structure that needs only little maintenance. Unlike glass, plastic does not shatter because of climate change and hail or other projectiles.

Disadvantages of Plastic Greenhouses:
1-Plastic greenhouses are flammable, making insurance rates higher for such structures.
2-Plastic greenhouses are susceptible to UV rays, therefore may have color fading. Clear high grade plastic is advisable when building plastic greenhouses.
3-Plastic greenhouses are susceptible to dust and pollution degradation.
4-Plastic greenhouses has a fairly short lifespan of about 2 to 3 years.

Because of these disadvantages, fiberglass-reinforced plastic are beginning to be replaced by acrylic and polycarbonate materials. Although the materials are also flammable, they still have the advantages of being lightweight and an excellent heat insulator.

Where To Buy Plastic Greenhouses:
There are many manufacturers and distributors of plastic greenhouses. Supplies and accessories for plastic greenhouses are for sale at home improvement and gardening centers. Plastic films can be bought by square feet. Prices vary depending on the type and size of film cover. A 6-millimeter thick standard clear plastic greenhouse film costs about $40. You can also order ready to assemble plastic greenhouse kits from online shopping stores such as Amazon. Starter greenhouses costs from $30 to $120. Small walk-in plastic greenhouses are $150. Lean-to plastic greenhouses are around $400. Other larger plastic greenhouses can cost up to $10,000 including free shipping, which is still significantly cheaper than traditional glass greenhouses. Books about greenhouses are also available online and at bookstores.

Plastic greenhouses are the best choice for people with little to no experience with greenhouses. Many first-time greenhouse growers have found plastic greenhouses to be very beneficial. Start building your own plastic greenhouse today and enjoy homegrown flowers and vegetation.

Build Your Own Greenhouse Kits

First off, it’s really quite cheap to make your own greenhouse with build your own greenhouse kits that are available online. On an average, simple build your own greenhouse kits will cost about $200 to about $1500 and they will not include the pots and plants. If you are doing this for the first time, we have a few tips that you can follow to find really great build your own greenhouse kits online.

Hobby build your own greenhouse kits :
Hobby kits are ideal for beginners who are just starting out with indoor gardening. These kits have the best equipment, so that beginners can set up the build your own greenhouse kits quickly and efficiently. There are several different sizes and materials in the build your own greenhouse kits that you can choose from. Most of these build your own greenhouse kits are also portable. That means you can dismantle the build your own greenhouse kits, pack them away and assemble them in a different area. You will be able to find build your own greenhouse kits that are based on a metal framework and glass panels and these will be the most expensive. There are also build your own greenhouse kits that comprise of aluminum tubing and plastic tear-proof sheeting to form the cover on top. These are much more affordable and easier to set up but are a little flimsy. These green house kits will range in price from $400 to about $1200 depending on the materials and the size of the build your own greenhouse kits. You will also find starter build your own greenhouse kits that cost about $50 to about $180 which are ideal for newbies.

Cold frame build your own greenhouse kits :
These build your own greenhouse kits are ideal for serious hobbyists who want to grow their own food in large amounts. The average cost of these build your own greenhouse kits will vary from $300 to about $1,200 or more.

Custom-made or luxury greenhouses:
These build your own greenhouse kits are literally the best in the world and will be really expensive. You can purchase the kit or ask for modifications in the basic design. The company will send the build your own greenhouse kits over and they will also assemble the entire build your own greenhouse kits for you along with assembling the gardening area. Most luxury-build your own greenhouse kits will contain a gardening area, solar heaters, wooden interiors, internal piping and automatic watering.

We suggest you first start with the cheapest versions if you are a beginner. You can always upgrade to more expensive versions later on by checking the greenhouse plans that are offered online.